Jaguar Looking to Offer More Special Edition Models

Jaguar Looking to Offer More Special Edition Models

Jaguar recently debuted its XFR Speed Pack model at the Moscow Motor Show, and according to its global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, more extreme and luxurious Jaguar model variants are on their way.

The British automaker has enjoyed success with its XJ Ultimate Edition model and the XF Speed Pack has done well in Russia and China. Unfortunately Hallmark didn’t disclose any details, but hinted that higher-priced Jaguar models are on the horizon, particular for its sedan and crossover models.

Ultimately Jaguar’s goal in becoming a global luxury automaker is to build upscale vehicles, reinforcing its brand image that it is indeed luxurious enough to compete with its German rivals.

“It’s clear from our research that Jaguar has a strong enough brand name to participate in more of this sort of business,” said Hallmark. “We’ve proven that we can build £100,000-plus cars that sell, and these projects are one way of pushing the brand further upmarket.”

[Source: Autocar UK]