Land Rover Considering Building a Sub-Evoque SUV

Land Rover Considering Building a Sub-Evoque SUV

The Range Rover Evoque has won awards, and is  an overall success in terms of sales. This success is leading Land Rover is consider bringing an even smaller CUV to the market.

“Certainly, I think we can go smaller,” Gerry McGovern the brand’s design director told Automotive News. “In a world focusing on sustainability you could argue that smaller and lighter is the way to go.”

Range Rover has sold more than 90,000 units of the Evoque since its inception last year, reinforcing the fact that premium buyers are willing to purchase smaller vehicles. Other luxury brands are moving towards the small vehicle philosphy as well, with Lincoln preparing a Ford Focus based vehicle, Audi considering a sub-Q3 CUV, and Mercedes bringing out the new A-Class.

In the first half of 2012, Land Rover sold 27,685 Evoques, which is almost as much as the 29,891 units moved of all other Land Rover vehicles combined.

[Source: Auto News]