Maryland Speed Cameras Monitored on Camera

Maryland Speed Cameras Monitored on Camera

What’s the best way to react when people start smashing, burning and shooting speed cameras in the area you govern? Replace them and install cameras to watch those cameras, of course.

As much as it might seem like complete nonsense, one Washington D.C. suburb is doing exactly that. After a rash of incidents where citizens vandalized cameras in various ways, Palmer Park, Md. law enforcement installed additional surveillance to discourage people from perpetrating further vandalism.

“It costs us $30,000 to $100,000 to replace a camera. That’s a significant loss in the program. Plus it also takes a camera off the street that operates and slows people down. So there’s a loss of safety for the community,” Prince George County police major Robert Liberati said.

Still, it seems a little silly given the people’s apparent penchant for destructive behavior, begging the question: what would keep someone from attacking the camera that watches the camera? And would that warrant another camera?

[Source: WTOP]