McLaren P1 New Photos Leaked Before Paris

McLaren P1 New Photos Leaked Before Paris

Even more pictures of the McLaren P1 supercar leaked today ahead of its scheduled debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The latest photos show the car with its retractable rear spoiler extended — yet another aerodynamic feature that will increase down-force during high-speed driving.

You also get a clear look at its large rear diffuser, which might end up being even bigger in production form.

That’s because patent drawings of what could be the production car also surfaced recently, showing the car with slightly stretched proportions and the rear wind extended.

McLaren’s previous supercar, the F1, was known for generating serious down-force to help it reach sky-scraping top speeds just above 200 mph.

While it would be reasonable to expect something similar from the P1, McLaren already said its goal isn’t to build “the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit,” but not necessarily the world’s fastest car.