McLaren P1 Production Car Shown in Patent Drawings?

McLaren P1 Production Car Shown in Patent Drawings?

British sports car manufacturer McLaren revealed concept images last week of its upcoming P1 supercar ahead of the scheduled Paris debut, but the patent drawing above might lend clues to the actual production car’s shape.

Likely to keep the same design cues as the released images, the P1 looks a lot like the lesser 12C.

But some of that might have to do with the fact that it still isn’t in production form. Given its rumored 960-hp rating, the car will need to be carefully engineered for downforce lest it take flight.

That’s where the drawings seen here come into play. If they turn out to be real, many of the visible differences would make sense. For example, the patent drawing car has a longer nose, additional vents to the front wheel wells and a much larger rear diffuser.

All of those would suggest the car is being groomed by McLaren’s engineers for the high performance it’s expected to achieve.

When the concept images were released, McLaren Automotive managing director Antony Sheriff said the brand plans to offer “the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit.”

While it’s premature to judge the car in concept form or otherwise, the differences between the two would support the goals Sheriff discussed.

Apart from that, the tail lights wrap farther around the car’s rear, and you can see a retractable rear spoiler not visible in previous images.



[Source: L’Automobile Magazine]