MINI JCW GP Specs Released, Makes 218 HP

MINI JCW GP Specs Released, Makes 218 HP

We have already seen the Mini JCW GP in the flesh, and now details have leaked revealing that the car will make 218 hp, and achieve a top speed of about 150 mph.

While the 218 hp is only a slight boost over what the standard Mini JCW makes, the real changes comes in the form of suspension setup and aerodynamics. Thanks to these upgrades, the JCW GP goes from 0-62 mph in 6.3 seconds, a whole 0.2 seconds faster than the non-GP version. The add-ons also make the JCW GP 12 seconds faster around the Nürburgring.

For suspension, the JCW GP gets a fully adjustable setup that will allow -1.55 inches of negative camber in the front, and 2.25 inches in the rear, mimicking German sports cars like the Porsche GT3 or M3 GTS. Aerodynamic tweaks include a fully enclosed underside, a new rear diffuser, a larger rear spoiler and some slight front bumper modifications to increase down force and reduce lift. Brakes are upgraded from the previous four-piston setup to a new six-cylinder configuration.

The Mini JCW GP will only have a production run of 2,000 units, making it all the more desirable.




[Source: Motoring File]