Mugen Honda CR-Z GT Race Car Hits the Track

Mugen Honda CR-Z GT Race Car Hits the Track

Mugen and Honda debuted their CR-Z GT race car at the fourth round of this season’s Super GT Series at the Sportsland Sugo race track, and already the GT300 competitor looks promising.

The car was originally unveiled back in July featuring a 2.8-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine paired with a hybrid system developed exclusively for the CR-Z GT. And while it looked fantastic in photos and the powerplant seemed promising on paper, it wasn’t until recently that we got an idea of just how great the potential of the CR-Z GT is. At its race debut, the CR-Z qualified in ninth place out of 25 cars and even made its way through the field to second place. A slow engine restart and a delay in the pits caused it to finish 16th overall.

At round 5 of the Super GT Series, the CR-Z really impressed by grabbing the pole position in its second race ever, but technical issues caused the CR-Z to retire before the finish of the race. But with 150 laps completed, the CR-Z GT was classified as having completed the race in 11th place in the GT300 class and 22nd overall.

It’s just the beginning for the CR-Z GT and already its performance looks impressive. Obviously there are plenty of kinks for the team to work out, but the CR-Z GT should be a formidable contender once it gets going.

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