Naked Canadian Sells Subaru XV Crosstrek in the Forest

Naked Canadian Sells Subaru XV Crosstrek in the Forest

With a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude, Subaru’s new XV Crosstrek is a car that can handle anyone’s demands, or at least that’s what the pantsless man in this commercial would have you believe.

Whether or not you believe him or the brand, there’s an entertaining 30 seconds or so headed for Canadian TV sets in the near future. Jokes aside, the XV Crosstrek is Subaru’s newest car and is essentially an Impreza with more ground clearance. You could also think of it as a smaller Outback.

With the Outback having grown in recent years, the XV Crosstrek is something like a replacement for what the car used to be, although it’s still smaller and generally less useful. With 148 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque it won’t be much of a performer in any circumstances.

Even if the car doesn’t appeal to you, the commercial probably will.

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  • Big Ben

    This is the best post AutoGuide has ever done. Hands Down. Period. End of Story. 

  • Bathwitch

    If I drove, I would NEVER buy this car – the guy is super creepy and my stomach churns whenever I see this commercial – in fact, I’ve taken to covering my eyes and muting the sound.

  • Pslentz

    This guy looks like lenerd from Big Bang!