NASCAR Drivers Compete in Ford Fusion MPG Challenge – Video

NASCAR Drivers Compete in Ford Fusion MPG Challenge – Video

To promote its new 2013 Ford Fusion EcoBoost model, the American automaker grabbed its NASCAR team drivers and pitted them against one another in a MPG challenge.

Sprint Cup points leader Greg Biffle competed against fellow drivers Carl Edwards, Trevor Bayne, and Matt Kenseth to see which driver could eke out the best fuel efficiency from the EcoBoost-powered Ford Fusion. Powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, the Ford Fusion EcoBoost is estimated to get 23-mpg city, 37-mpg highway thanks to its Auto Start-Stop technology.

The American automaker released a teaser video on its Facebook page to get its fans guessing which driver won the MPG challenge. All four drivers headed to Ford’s Dearborn Development Center back in August and were tasked with driving the Fusion on a 2.5-mile high-speed test track three times within 15 minutes. The in-car’s miles per gallon calculator would determine the winner.

Of course each driver had their own strategies from keeping steady acceleration to letting air out of the tires. Bayne even went so far as to put the car into neutral long before he could see the finish line, coasting to the end in hopes of winning the challenge.

Watch the teaser video below of the four drivers and tune in on September 14th when Ford will reveal the winner of the challenge.

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    I’ve always drove a Ford. Excellent car.I have a 94 Thunderbird red.It drives as good as when i bought it in 93. Words can’t describe how long they can last.Best car on the highway.