New Nissan Murano Hinted in TeRRA Concept

New Nissan Murano Hinted in TeRRA Concept

Never one to shy away from striking designs, Nissan hopes to rekindle curiosity with its third-generation Murano crossover by taking it in a new direction.

“The new Murano will be very different,” Nissan global design chief Shiro Nakamura told Automotive News.

“The third generation must be very strong.” A strong statement, indeed, from a brand that turned heads with its first-generation Murano. “We’d like to make another shock,” he said.

Splishing and splashing in the automotive pool is nothing new for Nissan. It performed a thunderous cannonball in 2003 when the 350Z returned to much fanfare. Likewise, the Murano made an impression and most recently the 2013 Altima forced other companies to take a hard look at their midsize sedans.

Despite that, Najamura and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn are both far from feeling like a proverbial “King Midas.” The 370Z, which started as a 2009 model, is a decided improvement over its predecessor, but it certainly wasn’t shocking.

So how will Nissan defibrillate it’s now outdated-looking Murano? Details aren’t exactly clear, but the TeRRA concept (seen above) heading to this week’s Paris Motor Show likely presents some hints. The car itself probably won’t make it to production, as is the case with most concepts. Then again, many of its styling cues are just as likely to filter into the new Murano which is due in 2014.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Johnny Tightlips

    Drats. I was hoping this would showcase the new Juke.