Nissan Buys Back Leafs from Dissatisfied Owners

Nissan Buys Back Leafs from Dissatisfied Owners

The Nissan Leaf has had a pretty rough start in America with continued struggling sales, and now the Japanese automaker has bought back a pair of the electric vehicles from unsatisfied owners in Arizona.

Through a buyback formula modeled on an Arizona state repurchase law, Nissan has opted to repurchase two Nissan Leafs from its customers as a “goodwill gesture.” A group of Phoenix-based Leaf owners have been complaining that the electric car’s batteries are ageing too quickly. The automaker is conducting its own independent study on the issue.

Of course in the grand scheme of things, it may just be a small complaint in an isolated area. Nissan released a statement that it has sold approximately 450 Leafs in the Phoenix, Ariz. area, which accounts for a small percentage of its total 14,000 United States sales.

It appears that the excess degradation in battery life could be caused by extreme heat, high speed, high mileage, and charge loss and frequency. Of course Phoenix isn’t the coldest place in America, but to consider it a “normal occurrence in battery electric vehicles” might not be what owners want to hear.

It’s surely an unusual step to keep its buyers happy, and a move that Nissan is likely hoping will keep customers happy and help the company save face.

[Source: Automotive News]