Nissan Innovation Garage Offers $50,000 Grant, Free Car

Nissan Innovation Garage Offers $50,000 Grant, Free Car

Nissan wants to encourage innovation, and not necessarily exclusively within the automotive industry, which is why it is opening it’s “innovation garage” to anyone with an idea and an internet connection to share their thoughts.

Would-be inventors afraid of having their ideas stolen can relax – Nissan promises that the participants will retain ownership rights to their ideas. Then again, the contest puts those ideas up to a social media fueled vote, so anything really worth while should probably be patent protected.

In either case, a panel of engineers will select the best two ideas as grand prize winners, the owners of which will get a $50,000 grant and a 2013 Altima sedan each. In case the social media crowd disagrees with the panel, Nissan also says it will award another of its all-new Altimas to the crowd favorite.

Entry is simple: All it takes is a 500-character blurb on what your idea is, a name for it and submission authorized through Facebook. The contest ends October 12, so anyone with a hum dinger had better head over quickly.

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  • Aisher

    Nissan the seal of elegance.

  • Norman Strizek

    Where is the $50,000 offer?  I went to three places and still haven’t found it.  You have made it way too difficult.

  • Barry650

    I don’t have and don’t want a facebook account.  I should not be required to have an account in order to enter an idea. How can I submit an innovation idea to Nissan directly without a facebook account?

  • Rocky766

    I Agree Barry650, I don’t to have to create a Facebook account just to enter a idea, what a waste..

  • Solar Cool.
    Optional on all Nissan Cars Trucks except convertibles. Use state of the art solar panels curved to match roof and trunk contours on vehicles to provide electrical current to operate cabin fans to evacuate overheated interior air when the auto is parked and turned off. In winter the same stand by electrical current could be used to keep seating surfaces and steering wheel warm. The additional current when not used could charge batteries or accessories. The passive interior air evacuation system would not drain the cars batteries and could lower in car temps to the out side in shade temps with the use of windshield solar shades or glass-or 30-50 degrees in the most extreme location.

  • Suzanne

    Though I have a Facebook account, when I click on “Connect” to submit my idea, it just thinks and thinks and thinks, and never does connect with my Facebook account. What gives?

  • VoteForUfree

    Want to vote for something worthwhile? Ufree is a mobile application that shows a list of your available friends for those times when you get out of class and have nothing to do.  Help make this a reality and Vote!

  • I have had this Idea for a long time, and keeps coming to my mind every time I take a trip in my car.
    my Idea is called ” adjustable seat headrest” by which  the headrest pad can move up, and down, forward and backward ( this movement can be by tilting). the control switch will be added to the switch pad installed on the door handle. that is all I have to say about this Idea.

  • Thomas_hurlburt

    I have an innovative idea for your new delivery van. I was going to offer it to Ford but they never got back to me. I am an inventor, I have one invention “Thermal Barrier Construction Material”, and a Patent pending one that would prevent hail stones or birds from entering the intake of a Jet Engine.
    I have been successful as a troubleshooter on many industrial projects.