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 |  Sep 23 2012, 1:27 PM

In celebration of National Plug-in Day, Nissan has released an infographic highlighting its Leaf owners and all the miles they’ve driven gas free.

According to stats generated from the 37,000 Leaf owners worldwide, over 100 million miles have been driven on full electric power globally. In America alone, 13,000 Leaf owners have traveled over 61 million miles gas free. The average daily commute in the U.S. with the Leaf is 29.52 miles, while the average charging time on a level 2 charger is two hours.

The Nissan Leaf launched on December, 2010 and the Japanese automaker is undoubtedly trying all it can to make its Leaf sound appealing. The Chevrolet Volt has not only trumped the Leaf in sales, but in emission-free driving collectively from its owners – naturally, since it has more.

Nissan Leaf Infographic