Nissan NISMO Leaf Places Second in Japanese EV Race

Nissan NISMO Leaf Places Second in Japanese EV Race

The Nissan Leaf is not the first car that comes to mind when you think performance racing, but Nissan Japan is running a NISMO Leaf in the Super GT EV League, the latest race at which the leaf placed second. 

The video Nissan released shows off the car, as well as the drivers who ran in the race. During a post-race interview, Tsugio Matsuda talked over some of the cars strengths and weakness, especially when compared to the competing Tesla Roadster. When racing an EV, range is a constant issue which affects how the driver runs uses the throttle, a problem with Matsuda experienced during the race.

“It was very difficult to lower the consumption of electricity, even though I was mindful of saving energy,” comment Matsuda.  “Tesla’s speed on the straights was much higher than we anticipated,” he said.

This was the first run of the NISMO Leaf, and was more of an experiment for Nissan than anything, although the second place finish was a nice bonus.

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