Nissan TeRRA Makes Off-Roading Greener

Nissan TeRRA Makes Off-Roading Greener

Off-roading usually conjures images of a gas-hungry monster with big tires but a concept Nissan brought to Paris this week aims to change that.

How? The TeRRA concept is an electric SUV that uses the Leaf’s drivetrain combined with two additional electric motors. A Leaf-sourced battery system is housed underneath the hood while an extra two motors sit in the rear wheels, powering them individually.

Apart from offering better weight distribution, the car’s configuration also allows for a flat floor and underside body pan to protect from any objects that might poke into the car from below.

Sent to the show as a “design concept,” the TeRRA stands more as a symbol of the automaker’s intentions than a vehicle it actually plans to build. It isn’t  an outright example of a car to come, but rather a canvas for parts of several in Nissan’s future.

For example, it features a unique seating system that offers better visibility for all occupants. Nissan refers to it as a “diagonal layout,” meaning the seats are arranged in a pattern sort-of like a diamond. By staggering the seats, the comapny aims to leave everyone with a feeling of control under any conditions.

While that idea is probably still a little radical for production cars other elements are far from outlandish. The four-wheel electric drivetrain is one such item that Nissan says is “far from imaginary.”

Range for the concept wasn’t discussed and it’s hard to imagine this would be the most energy efficient EV on the market, but the company insists that it is the best positioned to make electric cars today.

Apart from the drivetrain, Nissan also already said the next generation Murano SUV will be very different from the current model. While the TeRRA is probably more eccentric than anything the automaker will actually bring to market, certain design elements will probably filter through.

 GALLERY: Nissan TeRRA SUV concept