Scion FR-S TSB Issued for Abnormal Engine Chirp

Scion FR-S TSB Issued for Abnormal Engine Chirp

First generation cars tend to have some teething issues, and Scion‘s latest baby, the FR-S is not without it’s quirks. Owners of the FR-S can breathe a little easier thanks to a new technical service bulletin (TSB) that resolves an annoying noise emitted by the car.

The bulletin states, “some vehicles may exhibit a high pitch chirp or squeak noise from the high pressure fuel pump assembly when the engine is fully warmed up and idling.” The issue apparently affects any FR-S with a VIN# ending in 09026 or lower. Newer vehicles are not affected.

The bulletin explains that technicians should warm up the car for ten minutes and see if the car exhibits the chirping or squeaking noises. If it does, then the vehicles high pressure fuel pump assembly will be removed and replaced.

However, the replacement high pressure fuel assembly has the same parts number as the old one. It’s not quite clear what is wrong with the original installation of the high pressure fuel pump, but apparently this should fix the noise that owners are reporting.

There’s no news yet on Subaru releasing a similar TSB for the BRZ, or if the issue is affecting international Toyota GT 86s.

  • Nimdae

    The VIN grouping is bogus. My car’s VIN was outside of what Toyota listed as “affected” and has the chirp. Still waiting on parts (after about 3 months now).

    If your car has the chirp, warm it up until it starts chirping before taking it in. Make them listen to the car if they push back because the VIN is not included.

  • Mmcgee


  • rick s

    2013 fr-s fuel pump chirp, replaced first fuel pump and 3000 miles later the chirp is back. As of now the dealer is refusing to replace the defective pump (ira Toyota of Manchester,nh). Bringing in the car next Wednesday for a “Toyota” tech to look at. Not holding my breath for any positive resolution.

  • Nimdae

    rick s, They are required by federal law to replace defective parts under their warranty. The only way they can get around this is if you voided the warranty, such as by installing aftermarket parts.

    In other news, I’m on my third pump. They claim a new one with a new part number and everything was released in January. If you are going in for a replacement, make sure you ask your service rep to look into this as I’ve not seen TSB updates reflecting this. I’m almost 1k miles on this pump and no chirps so far.

  • Anthony

    My car is a 2015 and has the same noise. I went to the dealer, and they did not want to fix it. I make a complaint call to the Scion corporate office. I am waiting for their respond.

  • Dave C

    Already had my pump replaced, the new pump makes even more noise, the dealer is refusing to look at it anymore since it now has the most up to date pump.
    Called Scion direct, they were no help, offered to give me an extended warranty for my inconvienience – Haven’t seen that yet either been over a month.

  • My local dealer is now refusing to replace the pumps. I’m on my 4th and still chirping away. As noted by Anthony, even the 2015 model has the issue. Looks like it will just have to be a quirk to live with due to Toyota/Subaru trying to keep the car cheap (read: they don’t want to do what is right because it probably costs too much).

  • cman408

    Barely bought my FRS, have a little over 1k miles on it and it’s fkn embarrassing driving a brand new car with squeeking noise from the engine!! What a mistake, last time I’m ever buying a Scion but we need to get a resolution for this!!

  • This is not a Scion issue, per se. It’s a Toyota and Subaru issue. The bad thing is there’s a lot of penny pinching and finger pointing rather than engineering going into this problem.

  • Brandon Uhlemeyer

    I just bought a ’14 frs monogram edition with 16k miles on it. Never a chirp until about 100 miles ago at roughly 17k miles. The most annoying thing ever and dealership said I have most up to date fuel pump. So I’m basically screwed on my new car that looks amazing but sounds like shit?