Scion iQ EV Visits Paris, Loathes Leaving City

Scion iQ EV Visits Paris, Loathes Leaving City

Among the many unusual cars sitting on the Paris Motor Show floor, at least one is certain for production albeit in small numbers: the Scion iQ EV.

Second to join the brand’s all-electric lineup, the iQ EV is as much a dedicated city car as any other its size, if not more so. That’s because it offers a short-winded 52-mile driving range on a full battery – if it lives up to the automaker’s claims. Unfortunately, those numbers are usually sucked from the car’s theoretical sweet spot like dogs licking bone marrow.

The automaker revealed recently that there will only be 100 of the cars built and that they will be aimed at specific clients rather than general sale. But there is at least one redeeming quality to the little car that is already questionable with a gas engine – as an EV it can be recharged to 80 percent in 15 minutes on a quick charger.

Anyone familiar with EV culture will know that much like surfer dudes who say “hella cool,” quick chargers are hard to find outside California. Even still, the car can recharge completely on a 240-volt “level two” charger in three hours — significantly shorter than the industry-standard eight.

Further hampering the car’s usability,  it’s electronically limited to a 77-mph maximum speed. Anyone with experience on L.A. highways knows that’s just not fast enough to keep up.

One final advantage is that the car also doesn’t sacrifice any space to fit the battery pack thanks to a flat underbody – yet another thing most EVs can’t claim.