Self-Driving Cars Now Legal in California

Self-Driving Cars Now Legal in California

Experts at IEEE believe that 75 percent of the cars on the road in 2040 will be autonomous, and now the state of California is well on its way to getting there.

The state known for its horrendous traffic has become the newest member of supporters for self-driving vehicles. This comes as no real surprise, as it was already believed back in March that California would be the next state to approve the technology.

California, home to technology giant Google, passed the legislation earlier this week and now requires the California Department of Motor Vehicles to draft regulations for autonomous vehicles by January 1st, 2015. Google’s fleet of self-driving cars has travelled over 300,000 miles in testing and continues to be in the forefront of the technology, though other automakers have been working on their own.

It’s believed that autonomous vehicles could start hitting the market within the next decade, but will require a licensed driver to sit behind the wheel in the case of an emergency.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Terry8053

    I have to wonder what the insurance industry will think about this, and how rates will be effected. Lots of questions here, long term reliability, hacking the list is endless.