Smart Forstars Drops Dorky City-Car Look

Smart Forstars Drops Dorky City-Car Look

Looking almost mean, Smart unveiled its latest concept at the Paris Motor Show today, but will it ever see production?

Named the Forstars concept, like the rest of the mini-car brand’s models its name is a play on words, referring both to the full glass roof that lets you view the night sky, while also referring to the fact that it houses a projector that allows you to display videos on any wall you might park up against.

Tossing aside the often cutesy it-might-blow-over look, the Forstars is derived from the Smart-for-us pickup truck concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January. With angular, almost sinister headlights, the Forstars is quite a bit larger than a conventional Smart fortwo, being two feel longer between the wheels, while it’s also 7.5-inches wider at the front axle and 3.5-inches wider at the rear. Looking like MINI’s new Paceman “Sports Activity Coupe” this three-door crossover gets dramatic paint and simply massive 21-inch wheels.

Under the hood you might expect a peppy turbocharged gasoline engine or even a typically-European diesel, but this is Smart after all. Keeping with the brand’s green initiative, the motor is electric and donated from Mercedes-tuner Brabus. Using a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack it offers 80-hp and 96 lb-ft of torque. Smart says that is enough to give the Forstars “lively performance” though it’s hard not to doubt.

So will Smart build it? That’s unlikely, at least for now. Though if there is some good news to be gleaned from this debut it’s that Smart says the Forstars previews the brand’s future styling direction.

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