SRT Viper Undercuts ZR1 by 20K in Canada, GTS Priced $400 Lower

SRT Viper Undercuts ZR1 by 20K in Canada, GTS Priced $400 Lower

Generally, cars are slightly more expensive in Canada then they are in the United States, but contrary to the trend, the SRT Viper GTS actually costs $400 less if you purchase it north of the border.  

What makes it more interesting is that the standard SRT Viper is set to sell for $97,395 here in America, whereas in Canada it will be available for $99,995, which represents a difference of $2,600. That gap is about par for the course when it comes to Canadian pricing versus American, but when the GTS option pack is fitted to the car, it will sell for $120,395 in the States, and only $119,995 in Canada.

The main competitor to the Viper, the Corvette ZR1, surely influenced pricing decisions at SRT, as the base Viper undercuts the Chevy by almost $20,000 in Canada. The GTS is about $8,000 cheaper than the top spec ZR1 up in Canada, but the same is not true here in the States, where the gap isn’t as wide. A base Viper will cost you about $13,000 less than the base ZR1, while the GTS comes in just $3,000 cheaper than the top spec ZR1.

While the packaging between the U.S. cars and Canadian cars may be slightly different, it is unusual for a top-trim car to cost less in Canada. “At Chrysler Canada, we price our vehicles specifically for the Canadian market,” said a Canadian Chrysler PR rep, speaking with AutoGuide. Chrysler Canada also mentioned that the base model Viper costs the same as the last model we saw being sold back in 2010.

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