Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

10- VW IROC Concept

When Volkswagen first showed the IROC concept at the 2006 Paris Motor Show, the automotive world collectively dropped its jaws for the sexy hatchback. Of course, rumors about VW bringing back the Scirocco nameplate swirled around for quite a while before the IROC concept arrived, but it surprised everyone with it’s distinct style. The transformation from the IROC concept to the production Scirocco didn’t lose much in terms of exterior design, but the interior clearly lost much of it’s concept flare.

The IROC concept allowed VW to let down its hair in true Volkswagen fashion. Even for a concept, the IROC still keeps many of the design cues that make a VW, like the unmistakably simple and clean looking rear-end. Six years later, the Scirocco’s look is fresh and sexy. American buyers are still waiting for the Scirocco to jump overseas, especially sportier models like the 261-hp Scirocco R.


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