Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

8- Kia Pop EV

This Kia Pop EV was first shown at the 2010 Paris Motor show, and was influenced by specific items outside the realm of automotive design. You can spot the high-speed bicycle influence in the simplistic wheel design, and the unique doors that make the car look like it’s ready to take off.

Since this is a concept car, the Kia team dreamed up some incredible stuff for the Pop, like the dot-patterned lights, the back-lit front grille, and the full length glass roof. Once you get over the purple interior in the Pop, the vehicle sports a transparent organic LED panel for speedometer and battery charge gauges, while traditional buttons and dials are replaced by a single touch screen. All this means that the Pop features no traditional dash.

The concept also features an all-electric drivetrain which uses a 18 kWh lithium polymer gel battery with 67 horsepower and 140 lb-ft. This gives it an estimated range of 100 miles, and a top speed of 87 mph. This unique vehicle certainly deserves a spot on this top-ten thanks to it’s high-tech look and features.


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