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 |  Sep 25 2012, 1:30 PM

5-Lotus Esprit Concept

At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Lotus showed off four concepts, but none were quite as eye-catching as the Esprit.

The Esprit sports a superb looking front-end that has a space-ship like look thanks to its sharp lines and LED front daytime running lights. Around back you’ll see a center-mounted dual exhaust system. As with every other Lotus, the Esprit has a focus on light-weight and uses carbon fiber nearly everywhere, including the interior. Weight is expected to be about 3,300 lbs, making it still a little chunky for a Lotus.

A huge in-house V8-engine is likely the culprit for the added weight, and there is apparently some V6 engines on the way, and a hybrid version coming along too. The mid-engine Lotus is expected to run the 60 mph spring in 3.4 seconds and have a top speed of 205 mph, two stats that would make the Esprit one of the fastest production cars in the world.