Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

Ten Paris Motor Show Reveals Worth Remembering

4- Audi R8 Road car

It might not sound like much now, but the R8, when it was first revealed in 2006,  set the world on fire. The R8 used many of the underpinnings of the Lamborghini Gallardo, and allowed the German automaker to have a vehicle to fight the Porsche 911.

The R8 showed off a ton of cool supercar tech, like aluminum construction, LED headlights, dry sump lubrication (derived from Audi’s LeMans cars) and Audi’s R tronic sequential-shift gearbox. Pair that with the 420 hp engine that’s placed right in the middle of the vehicle, and the R8 arrived with style and purpose to the supercar game.


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