TGIF[R-S]: Ten Things I Hate About the FR-S

TGIF[R-S]: Ten Things I Hate About the FR-S

6. What is this pattern all over the car?

At first glance, the pattern on the dash looks like this cheesy fake carbon fiber. Then I found out that it’s repeated everywhere. It’s in the gauge cluster, on the floor mats and even on the front grille. I have no idea what it is, and what it references. Some people originally called it a space-invader shape, and others say it has some heritage to the older Toyota logo, but I don’t see it. Any one have a good explanation of this thing?

  • Minibill

    This guy is an idiot.  No arm rest, only 350mi to a tank, complaining about the look a like carbon fiber and non-cohesive “86” badges.  Keep in mind this is a $25k- $26k sports car.   Every one of your comments leeds credence to that fact you have no idea what a sports car is or should be.  The FRS/BRZ is not a mini van, go write for Motor Trend.  

  • Jay

    Did you miss the part where he says he loves his car? I don’t care if it is a sports car, I would like an arm rest. What, are you not allowed to go on comfortable road trips in a sports car? 

    Read the rest of the series, this guy knows what he is talking about. 

  • Pink_panther

    You, sir, are zhe idiom. 

  • Big_bill

    I hate you and I hope you die.

  • Chavitz1

    Can you read inbetween lines?   Actually the author is hoping Toyota to improve FRS design.

  • Chavitz1

    I usually skip this type of multiiple click postings as the multiple click  is too troublesome.

  • GT-86

    wow that is kid of harsh.  probably a bmw z-4 owner… pontiac soltice maybe?

  • One_eye_willy

    If I could choose one thing to add to the FR-S, it would be the silly scion removable tub / cupholder thing. I think that’s damn silly. 

  • Takayuki Wakabayashi

    cupholders lol what you drink black joe while drift even though you CAN’T

  • C Dawg

     I agree. I remember when the Viper came out everyone said it was perfect. And then when it came to a redesign customers had A LOT of items to add.

  • T. Roll

     HAHAHA… Solstice. What a JOKE

  • Graeme

    Good to see an article on the downsides of owning a sports car as your day-to-day. Its also good to see you really have to nit-pick to find those downsides.

    As an everyday driver, you’d notice these things that us dreamers from the outside wouldn’t. Good stuff.

  • Nick

    Surprised by some of the comments. Apparently if someone owns a sports car, they are expecting to drift to work every day and or NEVER EVER leave the track. Good article. Written by someone who drives a sports car. 

  • Azher

    This car is not a beige pensioner chariot. It’s purpose is to bring fun back into the driving experience and an affordable one at that. These ‘major’ flaws are simply gripes about some very trivial aspects of the vehicle. Let’s get things into perspective.

  • Fxcamaro

    If I was to complain about this car i’d only hav e1 issue and it’s the same issue i have with any small sports cars, put some balls into it please, I drove my brothers 240sx for the first time yesterday, and all I could think was “gutless” and from other reviews on this car I was hoping he would say that. oh and to the guy dissing the solstice, a redline would smoke this thing so badly, you would drive the brz straight home and give it to your wife to drive, were it should have been in the first place



  • Nick

    The 86 badge also represents the bore and stroke of the motor.

  • 143CAR

    Not sure about the other parts, but I think the “carbon fibre” panel is supposed to be…carbon fibre. 

    Carbon fibre comes in many different types of weaves, and in the “twill” form they weave more than one at a time. This lends itself to a pattern that is better with curvatures, as the 2×2 (or more) has more room to shift around and conform to curvatures. The other side of this, is that it doesn’t make a perfect square or rhombus pattern. 

  • 143CAR

    Agreed – wish they would call it a Toyota 86 already. The Scion mark doesn’t really add any value in my opinion….

  • Mike

    These are kind of stupid criticisms of the car. My Volkswagen Jetta suffers from a few of these things. But what do you want? The FR-S is supposed to be a sports car, not a car for going on trips with. I would probably have one as a second car for the summer and have a sedan or a truck for the rest of the year.

  • Mike

    When you think about it, this is a pretty economical sports car too. Plus being a Toyota, we know it is going to last.

    I’m more interested in knowing the cost of upkeep on it and how well it holds its value.

    I have one actual criticism though. Why don’t they just sell it as a Toyota?

  • Tom G of CT with BRZ

    This guy is a pussy. Complaints are pathetic. except for the cup holder. I’ll give you that one but I still don’t bitch about it. Suck it up dude or whatever you are. It’s a great freakin’ car. Should have gotten the Subaru for a better emblem if the 86 bothers u.


    Scion FR-S are for schmucks. I wanna slash the tires of every single one of these ego machines I see. It’s always some Hollywood-type rich racer boy cocksucker driving one of these pieces of shit, weaving in and out of traffic like a prick. These ego-maniac drivers are even worse than BMW’s and Audi’s. I’d personally pay to see these get crushed in a wreck yard.

  • Gaston Maqueda

    How old are you?


  • Ted

    Someone in an FR-S must’ve stolen his girlfriend. Or broke up with him.