Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

1993 Honda Accord: Accord goes global

In 1993, Honda decided to separate the development of the North American and Japanese Accord from the European Accord. In following generations, Honda moved a step further building three different cars: a Japanese specific model, a European specific model and an American specific model. This divide is still present today, with the Acura TSX representing what is available as a Honda Accord in Europe and Japan.

Thankfully Honda introduced the Euro Accord to North America in 2004, allowing for an economical family sedan for some and a fun-to-drive sports sedan for others.

The divide is an important step in Honda’s development as a global automaker, ensuring it has the most appropriate vehicle for each region.

  • That Accord AeroDeck is perhaps the coolest Accord ever, although it bears a striking resemblance to an early 80’s Civic hatchback.  And I agree, much better than the downright awful-looking Crosstour and it’s badge-engineered cousin the Acura ZDX.


    zdx and cross tour are nothing alike in terms of BUILD do some research