Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

1982 Honda Accord: First Accord to be built in the US

Helping to fight the stigma of buying foreign, Honda started to produce the Accord right in the USA in 1982. Now Americans could get a Honda and still support local workers and the local economy. That Marysville, Ohio plant produced over 350,000 vehicles by 1991 and proved that there was a significant demand for made-in-America vehicles, no matter what the badge on the front says. That Ohio plant is still in business and still builds the Honda Accord as well as the Acura TL.

  • That Accord AeroDeck is perhaps the coolest Accord ever, although it bears a striking resemblance to an early 80’s Civic hatchback.  And I agree, much better than the downright awful-looking Crosstour and it’s badge-engineered cousin the Acura ZDX.


    zdx and cross tour are nothing alike in terms of BUILD do some research