Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

1979 Honda Accord: First Accord Sedan

The Accord first debuted in 1976, and was only available as a two-door hatchback. For the 1979 model year, the Accord grew two more doors and took on the Toyota Corona and the Mazda 626 sedans. The vehicle used the same platform, but was nearly 9 inches longer than the two-door hatchback, proving to be more family friendly. The sedan was clearly a popular addition to the range since a two-door hatchback Accord isn’t in production.

  • That Accord AeroDeck is perhaps the coolest Accord ever, although it bears a striking resemblance to an early 80’s Civic hatchback.  And I agree, much better than the downright awful-looking Crosstour and it’s badge-engineered cousin the Acura ZDX.


    zdx and cross tour are nothing alike in terms of BUILD do some research