Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

Top 10 Most Memorable Honda Accords

1972 Honda Accord: CVCC Debuts on Accord

The first-gen Accord had another claim to fame, it came with Honda’s CVCC technology. By using Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, or CVCC, the 1976 Accord could meet emission standards of the 1970s and early ’80s without using a catalytic converter or unleaded gasoline. This made the Accord a hit with those reeling from the ’70s oil crisis, and made the Accord a competitor right away.

  • That Accord AeroDeck is perhaps the coolest Accord ever, although it bears a striking resemblance to an early 80’s Civic hatchback.  And I agree, much better than the downright awful-looking Crosstour and it’s badge-engineered cousin the Acura ZDX.


    zdx and cross tour are nothing alike in terms of BUILD do some research