Toyota EV P002 Record Setting Pikes Peak Run – Video

Toyota EV P002 Record Setting Pikes Peak Run – Video

A new EV record at the Pikes Peak hill climb was set this year by Toyota’s TMG EV P002, and now a video has been released of the car making the run.

At the wheel was Japanese rally driver Fumio Nutahara, who put up a time of 10:15.38, shattering the previous record of 12:20.084. The car is driven by two axial flux motors that make nearly 470 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque that Toyota says will propel the car to a top speed of 149 mph.

The Toyota car did have some competition in the EV category. Also competing were an E36 BMW M3 that has been converted into an EV and another electric racer piloted by Pikes Peak record holder Monster Tajima who wasn’t able to complete the race because of electrical problems with his car.

EV race cars may have to deal with heavy drivetrains but do not suffer the power losses that internal combustion-powered vehicles have to contend with due to the thin air at high altitudes.

The video is shot from an in cock-pit view, and gives a good first person perspective into what a Pikes Peak driver would have seen while running up the mountain.

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