Toyota GT86 TRD is the Scion FR-S of Your Dreams

Toyota GT86 TRD is the Scion FR-S of Your Dreams

Previewing the parts to (hopefully) come for North America’s Scion FR-S, the Toyota GT86 TRD is making an appearance at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Released to one of the most receptive crowds in sports car history, the Toyota GT86 is built for two things: driving fun and customization. That’s why the automaker went as far as to sell a stripped-down version in Japan with an unpainted front bumper and no stereo.

That’s a touch extreme outside the Japanese market, but the brand is still offering loads of ways to knock the car’s stock parts into oblivion. Apart from opening its plans to aftermarket parts makers, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is also offering a host of goodies to tweak the rear-drive car.

Among those, there’s an improved exhaust, larger 18-inch TRD wheels that can fit wider 225 tires and a TRD brake upgrade. As you can see, the car also wears a body kit that gives a lower, longer front lip and revised front fascia. A new rear diffuser also acts to reduce lift at speed.

In the suspension department, a coilover kit allows for different ride heights, not to mention 40 different settings for the shocks. Additional suspension upgrades include a front and rear sway bar kit, a carbon fiber strut tower bar and a Member Brace set to make the chassis even more rigid.

Braking upgrades come with bright red Brembo six-piston front calipers and four-piston rears with 355mm front rotors and 345 rears. Upgraded brake lines can also be had.



In addition to all these components, there’s an exhaust, a push-button ignition, a new shifter and more. See a complete list of all the TRD parts available (in Europe) below.

Front Spoiler

Side Skirt Rear Trunk Spoiler Rear Bumper Spoiler Muffler Garnish High Response Muffler Rear Diffuser Monoblock Brake Kit Direct Brake Line Shock Absorber Set Coil Spring Set Stabiliser Set Front Strut Tower Bar Member Brace Set Door Stabiliser Radiator Cap Oil Filter Cap Sports Oil Filter Sports Air Filter Fuel Cap Cover Shift Knob (for MT & AT) TRD Badge Push Start Switch Alloy Wheel 18” forged Front License Plate Bracket Alloy Wheel 18” cast
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    Supercharge or GTFO. Nothing you can give this car will be what it really yearns for, except FI.