Toyota Matrix May be Axed, Auris Not Viable Successor

Toyota Matrix May be Axed, Auris Not Viable Successor

Slumping sales over the last couple of years are putting a future for the Toyota Matrix in doubt. Now, the Japanese automaker has ruled out the possibility that its Auris would make its way to America as a Matrix replacement.

The Toyota Matrix was originally the result of a joint project with General Motors, which resulted in the Vibe for the American automaker. But with Pontiac dead, the future of the Matrix is in doubt without the alliance with General Motors.

Recently launched in Japan, the second-generation Auris could have been a Matrix replacement, but according to chief engineer of the Matrix and the Japan-spec Corolla, Hiroya Fujita, the Auris won’t be coming to America anytime soon.

Fujita reaffirmed that demand for hatchback models in America is too weak and declined to say whether or not something was in the works to replace the Matrix.

However, all that doesn’t mean the Auris won’t find its way into America in one way or another in due time. Elements from the Auris could find its way onto the next-generation Corolla when it’s updated next year.

[Source: Automotive News]