Toyota RAV4 EV Set for California Launch

Toyota RAV4 EV Set for California Launch

Offering another electric vehicles to the smog-ridden California coast, the Toyota RAV4 EV is set to go on sale September 24.

The result of a collaboration between Toyota and Tesla Motors, the Japanese giant’s electrified small crossover will carry a $49,800 MSRP.

Pricey as that is, it’s also eligible for $7,500 in federal tax credits and a $2,500 rebate through California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program to bring that cost down a whopping $10,000. If that’s still more than you’re willing to pay, there is also a 36-month $599 lease option.

With an EPA estimated 107-mile range, the RAV4 EV will also be strongly competitive against smaller electric transportation options. Better still, the company says it will be capable of a six-hour recharge time using a 240-volt level 2 charging system.

Toyota plans to sell 2,600 units through a network of select California dealers focusing on densely populated areas by the end of 2014.

EVs are more popular in California than anywhere else in North America due in large part to recent regulation restructuring that kicked hybrid drivers out of HOV lanes to offer exclusive single passenger access to electric car owners.