Vauxhall Art Cars Range from Cool to Cuckoo – Video

Vauxhall Art Cars Range from Cool to Cuckoo – Video

Back in July, Vauxhall introduced its new subcompact ADAM model which will makes its official global debut at the upcoming 2012 Paris Motor Show. To celebrate its launch, the automaker teamed up with three designers to give the world a taste of personalized ADAMs.

Fred Butler, Louise Gray, and James Small were all given an ADAM each and asked to add their own personal style to each vehicle. The three cars are currently being displayed from now until September 18th outside the home of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Freemasons’ Hall in Convent Garden. They’re an interesting take on art, to say the least.

“Working alongside Louise, James and Fred has seen automotive and fashion design merge,” said Niels Loeb, Chief Exterior Designer for Vauxhall. “As designers, we all create ideas but are also challenged by different rules and lead times. The ADAM Journeys project has provided an insight as to how we can work alongside such talent. We’re proud to present ADAM Journeys.”

Watch a video featuring the designers and their projects below.

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