Volkswagen Phaeton Returning, New Large Crossover in the Works

Volkswagen Phaeton Returning, New Large Crossover in the Works

Volkswagen has set a goal of 800,000 units sold in the States by 2018, and to help them accomplish it, the German brand is looking to resurrect the Phaeton luxury car here in North America, and bring a new large crossover to the market.

The Phaeton was killed off in 2006 in America due to slow sales, mainly thanks to a price tag that could reach over $100,000. Volkswagen says that if the Phaeton does make a resurgence into the States, it will come at a much more affordable price of under $70,000. A full redesign is due for the car, set to be revealed in 2013, likely along with the announcement of the cars return to America.

Along with the Phaetons return, Volkswagen is also considering a large crossover that would fit in between the Tiguan and Touareg, and compete with the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. It would offer a third row of seating to make it competitive,  and could make it to market as early as 2014. Engine options in the cross over will likely be sourced from the Touareg, offering a 3.6-liter V6, 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel and possibly the hybrid setup.

[Source: Auto News]

  • Trebor2013

    Shouldn’t this be what the next generation Scirocco should look like? ….make the Scirocco a sporty but refined coupe again as it was always intended to be – not a ‘beefed-up blingy hot hatch’ as the current Scirocco is, and it’s also been pitched in the same territory as the Golf GTI. It’s essentially an alternative Golf GTI. It will never win, competing against the GTI.

    The Scirocco should never be this – it should be aimed at mid 30’s and 40 somethings looking for something sporty that isn’t too ‘in yer face or boy racery’. The Golf GTI is a ‘boy racer’ type car, the Scirocco should not be, and this is the trouble with the current Scirocco. It’s trying to be ‘too young’ and so is putting off the older, more discerning buyer, while its price tag is too high for the average boy racer – hence why it has flopped so spectacularly. Even the Phaeton has shifted more.

    Pitch the next Scirocco at an older age group – one looking for abit of sportyness but plenty of refinement (mature 30’s/40’s), rather than one looking for all-out power and rawness (20’s/early 30’s) and you might have a hit, as the current model has clearly been squeezed out by the Golf GTI.

    The car in the above picture if pitched at the right age group, and marketed in the right way will be much more sucessful than the current Scirocco, as people will know exactly who its aimed at. They don’t with the current model. So the new Scirocco needs to be marketed at the more discerning older buyer after something ‘abit sporty but with refinement in spades’. You need to feel like your in an Audi A5 coupe (albeit less pricy), not an alternative GTI.