Volkswagen to Stop Buying Other Automakers Says CEO

Volkswagen to Stop Buying Other Automakers Says CEO

Volkswagen and its CEO Martin Winterkorn have had a busy year thus far, successfully acquiring Porsche and Ducati under its umbrella of brands. 

With 12 brands under the Volkswagen AG name now, Winterkorn has released a statement that the German automaker will now concentrate with integrating the new properties and will cool off on acquiring even more. The CEO also reiterated that Volkswagen has no interest in purchasing Malaysian automaker Proton, despite recent rumors.

The affirmation by Winterkorn that Volkswagen is not looking to acquire any more properties in the immediate future will also put to rest any rumors of Volkswagen purchasing Alfa Romeo. The CEO has made it no secret that he finds the Alfa Romeo brand interesting and attractive and even went so far as to saying that he wanted to acquire it two years ago. Nonetheless, that will be put to rest, for now.

The real debate is whether or now Volkswagen will jump on the opportunity of acquiring either Proton or Alfa Romeo if it was offered a price it couldn’t refuse.

[Source: Bloomberg]