VW Golf Picketed by Greenpeace for Efficiency ‘Shortfall’

VW Golf Picketed by Greenpeace for Efficiency ‘Shortfall’

Greenpeace protesters took to picketing the premiere of Volkswagen’s new Golf in Berlin, saying the automaker neglected to make it fuel efficient enough.

Unveiled in Berlin earlier this week, the new Volkswagen Golf will get a combined 49 mpg, debuting as a 2013 model in Europe but a 2014 in North America. Complaining about a car that gets a combined mpg better than most compacts on the market today probably seems ridiculous, especially when you consider the praise Hyundai gets for having a long list of models that can achieve 40 mpg, but the protestors had reasons to be there beyond boredom.

“The Golf is the car that distinguishes the segment it’s in for the next 10 years worldwide and all carmakers benchmark themselves against it,” Greenpeace German transportation expert, Wolfgang Lohbeck told Reuters.

Volkswagen didn’t seem bothered by the demonstration, saying the car’s diesel variant will get even better mileage and that the Golf overall is a good answer to rising fuel prices. Realistically, it would be hard to understand if VW reacted any differently. The protest was as much a compliment as anything else in that it called the automaker a dominating force in the market.

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[Source: Automotive News]