VW, Toyota, Honda Runaway Winners for August Sales

VW, Toyota, Honda Runaway Winners for August Sales

Strong August sales spurred on by a resilient market meant that automakers across the board enjoyed sales growth last month with few exceptions.

Most notably, Volkswagen experienced its 12th straight month of sales growth to post more than a 60 percent sales gain over this time last year. Those numbers are due in large part to the strong-selling Passat, which took on a new design for the 2012 model year specifically for North America. The car is the first from the brand to be tailored to the U.S. palette which leans strongly toward larger vehicles.

Meanwhile, Japanese giants Toyota and Honda both continued to recover from their respective Tsunami-related supply slumps. In Toyota’s case, the Corolla clung tightly to its best seller title despite efforts from the Ford Focus to steal the crown. Both Honda and Toyota are likely to brag the biggest industry gains this year, though that will be due almost entirely to last year’s damaged supply chain. In Toyota’s case that mean a 46 percent rise last month.

Likewise, Honda sales were especially strong with 60 percent growth averaged between Honda and Acura sales. In fact, Acura saw stronger sales growth than Honda did last month because of strong demand for its RDX small crossover, which still sold significantly less than the larger MDX, but saw 157 percent better sales than it did this time last month.

While none of the Detroit 3 could claim sales increases in the same figure range as Toyota, Honda and VW, each brand reported respectable growth. Chrysler’s sales, helped largely by strong RAM sales, grew the most for a total 14 percent. Ford slipped into a close second place with 13 percent better sales than last year while General Motors rose 10 percent.