Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Subaru BRZ Premium

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Subaru BRZ Premium

2:Surprising fuel economy

Even when driving the car aggressively, it returned a whopping 29 mpg. This is a touch better than the EPAs rating of 28 mpg in combined driving situations, but what’s surprising is even with the transmission mostly set in sport, or manual mode (and during ‘spirited’ driving) the BRZ maintained this fuel consumption number. It would be hard to drive the BRZ more aggressively than we did, so it’s likely that tamer, more disciplined drivers will enjoy even better fuel consumption.

This comes across as even more surprising when you realize how much fun the BRZ is to drive, and how quickly it can move when the going gets twisty. Most sports cars drink fuel quickly when driven hard, but that never got in the way of fun in the BRZ.

  • bobdevo

    Disagree on the trim.  The Premium makes more sense to me.  The leather interior is not that nice, the heated seats add weight, the spoiler doesn’t create any actual downforce.  The stock controls are simple and work nicely, and who needs dual climate control in a car in which you can reach both doors without stretching?   Plus, you can take the extra $2,000 the Limited trim costs and buy a good cold air intake (upping horsepower by 10+ and getting better engine sound) and a full set of wheels and snow tires for winter.

  • A Bach

     But you do HAVE to love the push button ignition

  • bobdevo

     Point taken.


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