2014 Audi A3 Sportback Not Headed to US: Brand Says

2014 Audi A3 Sportback Not Headed to US: Brand Says

Audi will continue as previously planned with its A3 for sale in the U.S. as a sedan model only according to a company representative.

Migrating to Volkswagen’s new MQB platform, the car will arrive on U.S. shores in 2014, but only as a sedan model. Rumors that the five-door model, which Audi called the Sportback, might be sold alongside its sedan sibling are circulating today but the brand denies that there are any plans for such a sale.

Despite that, the same representative said while the Sportback is not a finalized model for the U.S. market, there are “discussions taking place, but nothing where it’s fixed and set in stone.”

Should Audi decide to sell its five-door version, it would continue to offer American buyers an option both Mercedes and BMW currently neglect. While that might turn out to be a clever play, hatchbacks have historically been slow sellers in the land where high-riding SUVs and crossovers are still king.

Selling the A3 in a sedan could turn out to be just the snake oil Audi needs. As of September, it reported selling 5,750 A3s this year. BMW, on the other hand, reported 7,731 3 Series sedans in Spetember alone or 68,352 total sales this year.

  • Franklin

    B5 sedan replacement. Please bring an RS3 version.

  • Colognedl

    The 4 series competes more with the BMW 3 series. The A3 competes more with the 1 series now.

  • Peterbisset

    I am an Audi enthusiast and love the A3 5 door as it is so handy, ie if you are a dog owner, or picking up tall potted plants from the nursery etc ,or as an industrial photographer I can easily carry a small step ladder and light stands, tripods etc in the back. Also when I go for winter sports, or canoeing in the summer the roof rack is also very handy. Here in Canada the Sportback sells quite well and I think that market will improve like in Europe. Why do the Americans have to screw things up for we Canadian’s ? Fortunately I believe the new A series 4 door Mercedes will have a hatch, or there is always the BMW Touring, except I doubt that their 2.00 ltr diesel’s are not as good as the new ea 288 which would make the new A3 worth the wait alone, apart from the MQB.  Peter B