2015 Ford Mustang Rumored With 310-HP Four Cylinder

2015 Ford Mustang Rumored With 310-HP Four Cylinder

If the rumors about Ford’s next Mustang prove to be true, Carroll Shelby will probably be turning over in his grave.

Rumblings from enthusiast forum Mustangs Daily suggest that there is, in fact, a force-fed four cylinder on tap for the 2015 Mustang. As you may already know, everything you read on the internet is completely reliable. Keeping that in mind, Ford’s next muscle car will come with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost enigne packing an impressive 310 hp.

The forum member guilty of stirring the pot claims to be part of the market research study for the upcoming car. If any of that is true, it holds significant implications for the future of budget performance cars. Ford hopes to move the Mustang from an American flag waver’s delight to something more globally marketable.

That will mean ditching the car’s live rear axle and, possibly, offering a more fuel efficient engine. The unit in question this time is said to return up to 34 mpg.

For perspective, that figure comes nail-bitingly close to touching the same power Shelby’s 428 cubic-inch Cobra Jet V8 made in 1968.

[Source: Mustangs Daily]

  • Holy snot.

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it. Sign me up.

  • J Throw

    Man… Why can’t Ford just build some other 4 cylinder fast car and leave the mustang alone? It’s disappointing to read that they’re even considering this stuff.

    Just make the Focus ST even faster and leave the mustang with balls, volume and strength.

    This is another example of how american automakers are completely out of touch with their fan base. This guy says ford’s movingthe mustang to a global market!?!? That sucks! 

    Why does mini get to put stupid union jacks on everything, but you toss one general lee out there and every liberal is booing. 

    What a bunch of crap.

    I want a mustang with a big V8 and a refrigerator in the trunk so I can chill a case of beer on my way home from work. Now that’s what America is all about, not this hippie-communist pinko fuel economy nonsense. Since when did we start taking orders from terrorists?

  • Jared Schwager

    You do realize there was a turbo-4 Mustang in the past right?

  • ChainUp

    If you don’t like (x,y, or z) then don’t have (buy) one. It’s called freedom.

  • J Throw

    Yeah, well we’ve also elected democrats before. Doesn’t make it right…

  • M Artian

    aaaaand boom goes the dynamite

  • Marcus

    You’re an idiot. Why would you complain when realistically all it means is Ford getting MORE MONEY to put into building the gas-guzzling idiot machines you obviously love. 

    And beer the beer comment? I hope you aren’t as stupid as you sound…

  • Mike Duff

    4 cylinder mustang =gay! Even with 310hp. Guess I’ll be holding on to my 2011 5.0 til I die.

  • Love the looks, would be nice with a V8 but with all these new MPG regulations coming into play in 2014-2015… It looks like small turbo 4 cylinders will be the future of the auto industry.    

  • Dave M

    Just so long as they keep the V8 too. Honestly, the reason people buy the V6 is either they don’t know any better or can’t afford any more.  Those idiots won’t even know if its a 4 or a 6.

  • you can still buy a 1968 cobra jet

  • Tony

    Future?  What goes around comes around.  Remember it took a few years for another automobile company to match what Ford put out in the SVO.

  • you do realize the SVO mustang was fucking awesome, right? 

  • Love V8s

    >>> Since when did we start taking orders from terrorists?

    When we started using too much oil in our big V8s.

  • Scooby

     we dont like to think about that, although fox bodys RULE!!

  • Slimty360

    oh god thats ugly 

  • Bombshell

    That looks fucking sexy. Don’t call it a Mustang, though, please. PLEASE

  • Jomcgre3

     So let me get this straight. You wouldn’t mind a Fiesta blowing the doors off your Mustang???

  • Tsyalmakto

    Does anyone else think this looks like someone took the 2013 mustang and took a giant sledgehammer to flatten the front fascia to make it seem sleek and new? …

  • Zylpher

     I used to think like you, then I grew up.

  • That whole “no replacement for displacement” argument is losing out day after day. lets face it, some of the best performing cars on the market have 4 pistons and a factory turbo. If you want to know why ford would consider building this car, take a look at the ft-86, subaru brz, and scion frs. This car is direct competition to that market segment. Its not a stab in the back to mustang enthusiasts, its just ford updating its business strategy to the current demands of consumers – ie, a light weight, FR sports car with respectable fuel economy and reliability. the 2.3 block that ford has been using for years and years is pretty reliable.

  • I think the 85 svo 4 cylinder was rather cool myself. I know it didn’t sound good but what 4 cylinder does. I had several 4 cylinders. 79, 81, 84, 86, 90, and 93 coupe. I liked them. we put a header, and a hp cam in one with split manifold and ran right up there with a 305 camaro back in 86.

  • Yay. Mustangs could get some polishment from the current 2013 platform which looks 90′ esque in the front and sides, but this change is way too radical and misses the point. Those lines are too “sexy” for a car that is supposed to look intimidating like a TRUCK, not like a faggot Ferrari.

  • Diminished

     It’s the RWD platform.  The Focus/Fiesta can’t easily be made into said things.  This is looking square at the BRZ/FRS/Miata market. 

  • repealobamacare

    I don’t think Shelby would be too upset. After all, he put his stamp of approval on a bunch of 80’s mopars with turbo 4 cylinder engines. (Shelby Daytona’s, etc.)

    The turbo 4 should replace the V6 as the base engine. It will prove to be a very popular car because it will be easy to tune for more real HP by messing with the fuel/boost mapping. Real HP gains instead of the paper gains from “cold air” intakes and fahrt can exhausts.

    Just keep the Mustang RWD and most of us “old school” guys will be fine. It doesn’t have to be a V8. Buick proved that in the eighties with their turbocharged six cylinder Grand National and GNX.

  • Airforceatc69

    This engine will only replace the V-6… The mustang will always have a V-8 option

  • Dondemonteverde

    Yeah, they were better than the v8s but also more expensive.

  • Directorjustin

    It’s funny how the people supporting a turbo-4 Mustang sound intelligent and open minded while the people against it (like J Throw) sound like close minded blithering idiots.

  • Goathurder

    Everyone is quick to knock down the 4 banger but completely forget its not the 1990’s.  many of the most powerful F1 cars had 4 cylinder engines!  not to mention many mid size sedans who’s performance level wasnt to be snuffed at.  the thing is todays 4 cylinder engine technology is nothing like yesterdays. just as small little hatchback cars are nothing like those of yesterday. your average hot hatch will easily outpeform late model sports cars. not to mention the average hot hatch actually isnt as small as their shape would suggest.  take the MINI for instance, did you know its actually as big as the first generation ford torus!?   and remember a 4 banger with a turbo is fast, and fuel efficient. so dont dispare.   ford will never kill the v8,  and thats actually what really count.

  • Raider Carroll95

    A four cylinder is cool and everything but wouldnt it just make more sense to put a cylinder delete in the engine to were it runs on four when you need to be economical and run on all 6 or 8 when you need power. That doesnt seem to compromise both sides of the argument. 

  • Jlhancock21

    A twin turbo V8 with a 6 speed and SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust with a programer still beats the 4 cyl any day of the week. As for the high gas prices and millage thing its simple. If u cant afford the gas for one dont get one.

  • Jlhancock21

    Didnt last very long either

  • Jlhancock21

    Still wanna be cool and different? Power stroke it. Still have the V8 and turbo but without the social akwardness of when u tell ur friends u bought a brand new mustang with four banger.

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  • amazing car…looks scary