40 Percent of Vehicles Will be Turbocharged in 2017: Study

40 Percent of Vehicles Will be Turbocharged in 2017: Study

Turbochargers are increasingly common as automakers seek to maximize performance while striving for efficiency.

According to a recent study, turbo usage will see a global increase of 80 percent over the next five years. An estimated 36 million vehicles on the road in 2017 will be turbocharged, which is about 40 percent of the market. To put that into perspective, 20 million vehicles last year had turbocharged engines.

“Turbocharged engines are expected to continue to grow globally because they meet the needs of consumers in a wide range of vehicle segments and geographic markets,” said Honeywell Transportation Systems Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Peter Hill.

This year alone, Ford has continued to expand its EcoBoost engine line, pairing a turbocharger up with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder to provide performance and respectable mpg figures for its customers.

For years, automakers hesitated to widely use turobchargers in vehicles for fear of the issues associated with forced induction. But recent advancements in turbocharging technology are allowing automakers to not only safely use turbochargers, but feel comfortable doing so.

Plenty of other automakers are also jumping on the bandwagon to offer owners the best of both worlds.

General Motors estimates to have turbochargers on seven percent of its vehicles this year, and by 2013 will aim to be at 10 percent.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]