Acura NSX Headed to Detroit in Production Form

Acura NSX Headed to Detroit in Production Form

Only a year ago Acura unveiled its NSX concept car as a V6 hybrid, now word of the production car debuting at the same show is trickling out. 

It’s right on time if not a little early given that Acura projected to be selling its car three years after the concept’s debut. Bringing the production car to Detroit this year will give the company plenty of time to ready the Ohio plant it plans to use for production, and that’s what the brand plans to do according to AutoExpress.

Official information on the car is still sparse, but it will come with a hybrid drivetrain using Acura’s Super Handling-All Wheel Drive system to make an expected 400 hp.

In production form the car will also have the same styling as its the brand’s concept car.

An Acura official wasn’t available to confirm or deny that the car will be at the show, but the story will be updated to reflect that response once it’s given.

UPDATE: After speaking with a Honda representative, AutoGuide can now report that the NSX will not, in fact, be unveiled at Detroit. In fact, Acura has yet to announce the plant it will use to build its next hybrid sports car. “I think what we said in January in 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show is still accurate,” Honda spokesman Ed Miller said. “We gave ourselves three years to bring out the car and that’s what we’re going to do.”

[Source: Auto Express]

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