Atlanta Axes Plans to Name Street ‘Ferdinand Porsche Ave.’ Over Nazi Past

Atlanta Axes Plans to Name Street ‘Ferdinand Porsche Ave.’ Over Nazi Past

Porsche‘s newest headquarters and test track are being built in Atlanta, and the city wanted to rename the street it’s located on from Henry Ford II Avenue to Ferdinand Porsche Avenue. But the city has since reconsidered.

The street will simply be called Porsche Avenue, due to Ferdinand Porsche’s affiliation with the Nazis during World War II. The famous automotive engineer was actually Adolf Hitler’s favorite engineer, and Porsche was the mastermind behind the Nazis’ tank designs.

Of course the modern Porsche automaker has been striving to making amends for Porsche’s affiliation in the past, but the association is still there. The city of Atlanta decided to stay sensitive to the subject and simplified the name to something more acceptable.

[Source: Yahoo! Autos]

  • Carrie ANDERSON

    That is so ridiculous  Might as well remove all the names of people from road names as one can always find something wrong with everybody. Lets’ play it same and rename all the streets with numbers!!!!! 

  • TheTruth66

    You guys are never happy. If Atlanta’s government employees weren’t predominately black, this would have never been called into question. Get a life guys. You should be happy Porsche is bringing jobs to GA. Shut the f*ck up and grow the f*ck up black people of America.