ATS Revived, 2500 GT and Sport 1000 Models Planned

ATS Revived, 2500 GT and Sport 1000 Models Planned

 There’s a new supercar name coming to town, well sort of… Italian automaker ATS is making a comeback.

The Italian marque has been resurrected and an all-new 2500 GT is being worked on to relaunch the brand. Joining the 2500 GT will be a Sport 1000, which will essentially be a street-legal race car.

The 2500 GT will be built around a tubular chassis with composite bodywork and carbon fiber panels. This time around, the powerplant will be a Cosworth-sourced engine based on a Subaru flat-four, turbocharged engine. ATS plans on producing around 550 hp in its new 2500 GT. With a target weight of less than 2,200 pounds, the new 2500 GT will definitely enter the rankings of modern-day supercar.

Unfortunately no word as to when we can expect the 2500 GT or whether it will even make an appearance in America.

At the end of the 1961 Formula One season, then-Ferrari car designer Carlo Chiti and team manager Romolo Tavoni left the Italian automaker to form its own team, ATS. Short for Automobili Turismo e Sport, ATS had plans of producing both road and race cars powered by V8 engines.

Its racing project wasn’t quite a success, so Chiti looked towards developing a production two-seater sports car. At the 1963 Geneva Motor Show, ATS unveiled its 2500 GT and was one of the world’s first mid-engined vehicles. Powered by a 2.5-liter V8 with 210 hp, the 2500 GT was one of the stars of the Geneva Motor Show. A year later, the Italian automaker created a more powerful, 250-hp 2500 GTS.

Though the exact number of ATS vehicles built is unknown, only five are known to exist today. It’s believed that ATS produced just a dozen cars in the 1960s before fading away. Until now.



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