Audi R8 GT Modified Test Mule Spied

Audi R8 GT Modified Test Mule Spied

It isn’t exactly clear what you’re looking at. It’s an Audi R8, yes, but wearing certain features that other road cars haven’t in the past.

As these spy photos show, the car has a similar front air outlet as the R8 GT3 car, but otherwise looks a lot like the special edition R8 GT. Audi only planned to produce 333 units of its special R8 which loses 220 lbs, gains 35 hp for a total 560 and has a 199-mph top speed among other improved attributes.

Information about this specific car is still unavailable, but it could be one of the last few Audi is making — or just a car being specially made for an important client.

It could also be a test mule version of an updated GT which might borrow from lessons Audi learned through its GT3 car.

GALLERY: Audi R8 GT test mule