Avoid These Dealer Options While Buying a New Vehicle

Avoid These Dealer Options While Buying a New Vehicle

Plenty of dealer options are worthwhile, but you might as well light that cash on fire with some others. Here’s a list of five dealer options to avoid at all costs.

The first is rust proofing. New cars don’t need it but dealers will still gladly charge you for the service. In fact, almost all of the new cars leaving the factories today are already very well rust-proofed. No matter what the up charge is, your car will receive little to no benefit by getting it.

Next up, fabric protection. And while it’s mostly a cheap option offered by dealerships, it’s another unnecessary one. Most interiors don’t need it. For a few dollars and some time, you could apply your own fabric protection if you really feel it’s necessary.

Moving inside out, the oh-so popular paint protection option. They promise a no-wax shine that protects your paint, but essentially you could get the same effect by giving your vehicle a little tender love and care. Washing and waxing your car regularly protects your paint just as well as any “paint protection sealant.” In addition, many automakers recommend that you don’t wax or seal a new car’s paint for a few weeks or even months after purchase.

Fourth on the list is VIN etching. While it’s a recommended procedure by many, the price that a dealership charges for the process is usually ridiculous. The process consists of using a stencil to grab your VIN and applying a special acid solution to chemically burn it onto your windshield and other glass on your vehicle. In yet another DIY-guy’s dream come true, VIN etching is easy to do yourself and can offer insurance discounts.

Finally, extended warranties. Buying one might help you sleep at night, but purchasing a reliable vehicle negates the need for one – especially given the costs. In fact, putting that money aside for any additional maintenance costs that may come beyond your factory warranty would be more cost effective over time in many cases.

Of course these are just some guidelines when purchasing a new vehicle. But as with any major investment, it’s recommended to do as much research as possible before making a purchasing decision.

[Source: Fox Business]

  • Messy Mike

    So you’re saying unload a whole can of Scotchgard in my car and I’m cool not paying for dealer fabric protection? WORD!