Bloodhound SSC Aims to Reach 1,000 MPH – Video

Bloodhound SSC Aims to Reach 1,000 MPH – Video

Currently, the land speed record is an astonishing 763 mph set by the Thrust supersonic car (SSC). But that record might fall by the end of next year, as the Bloodhound SSC aims to go over 800 mph first, and then break 1,000 mph by 2014.

And if it’s any indication of how serious the team is, its “hybrid rocket system” was put to the test recently at the Aerohub in Newquay Cornwall Airport. The rocket used for testing by Bloodhound is 12 feet long, 18 inches in diameter, and weighs in close to 1,000 lbs. It’s also the largest of its kind ever to be designed and built in Europe.

During the test, the rocket burned for 10 seconds while generating 14,200 lbs of thrust. That’s the equivalent to anywhere between 30,000 to 40,000 horsepower. Its sound levels hit 185 decibals.

What’s even more ridiculous is that its fuel pump is a Cosworth-built, 800-hp V8 F1 engine. With the V8 spinning up at 18,000 rpms, it supplies fuel to the rocket.

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