Bridgestone Exhibits Sustainable Tire Concept

Bridgestone Exhibits Sustainable Tire Concept

Tires have been filling up landfills for years and using up natural resources which cannot be replaced, a process that will be changed if Bridgestone’s new sustainable tires can gain some market share. 

Bridgestone is expanding the regions in which it produces natural rubber, and also expanding the range of reinforced plastic fibers that its tires use. Also adding to the sustainability of its tires is a new process which synthesizes rubber, carbon black and rubber compounding agents using biomass, rather than fossil based resources.

While the process of creating the tires is extensive, the real hurdle will be mass producing these sustainable tires and getting them to market, a feat which Bridgestone is aiming to accomplish by 2050.

Concept versions of the Bridgestone sustainable tire were on display at this year’s Paris Motor Show, but don’t expect to see them on the road anytime soon.


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