Bugatti Galibier Delayed Again

Bugatti Galibier Delayed Again

Despite reports that Bugatti is working hard on its Galibier model, the flagship sedan has been delayed though Bentley and Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber has confirmed a concept is still on the drawing board.

According to Schreiber, who used to be the chief and managing director of Bugatti, satisfying the needs of Bugatti customers is very difficult and has resulted in slow progress for getting the Galibier ready for production.

Schreiber stressed that the Galibier is absolutely needed to extend the Bugatti range and he supports the model. The question now is how much longer we’ll have to wait before we see it in production form.

“The Veyron and derivatives of the Veyron are very focused on the needs of the customers,” he said. “If you now switch to a different type of car, it is very necessary to evaluate the needs of the customer. The launch date is still not decided yet.”

The delay in getting the Galibier to production could be related to the fact that both Lamborghini and Bentley SUV models have seen similar delays as Volkswagen makes cutbacks in the midst of a worsening economic situation in Europe.

GALLERY: Bugatti Galibier Concept


[Source: Autocar UK]

  • Scoilbhride gartt

    AGAIN another reason to hate bugatti and mercedes 

  • Leamondtaylor

    Get it going. The car is beautiful! I’am a four door sedan & sub person & would love too see these added too the Bugatti lineup! Rich people are always going too be hard” to please, they have everything ” & some. Are just plain snobs so do what’s in you’re heart, cause when you try please so many other people that’s when things get very messed up. Go with you’re ftirst Instint & do not hesitate